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    After thirty-nine years of teaching high school science and forty-six years of collecting, propagating, and selling rare and unusual conifers I have changed the emphasis of my life. I am now focusing my efforts into writing. I have built this website with that new direction in mind.

    I starting writing seriously in 2011 with the publication of my first book, Small Conifers for Small Gardens. Before that, the focus of my writing was in the form of articles for various publications such as Fine Gardening Magazine, American Nurseryman Magazine, the American Conifer Society Quarterly, the Journal of the American Rock Garden Society, and my own Mitsch-Coenosium Notes.

      After writing five separate books about conifers , I changed my direction to fiction stories about the old west and the Civil War.

        I self-published a total of eight books under the name of Coenosium Publishing. It was, and still is, a branch of Coenosium Gardens and has its own Facebook Page. Coenosium Gardens is the name of what used to be a premier mail-order source for rare and unusual conifers. I started it in 1979 and closed it after the death of my first wife, Dianne in 2013. Details about that aspect of my life may be found here. (see My Story)

    Musings about conifers and my work with them has always been popular with visitors to my old web site. With that in mind, I have devoted a section of this new site for my conifer friends.  Just click on this link for my musings on conifers. (see Musings)


I publish a newsletter on the first of each month. The first page of the December 2022 newsletter is shown below. It is a large thumbnail. Click on it for a larger image. Subscriptions are free. Simply send an email to me at bobfincham@mashell.com to be placed on my mailing list. Your address will never be shared and kept private.







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